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Hunting Lodge of the Prince Radziwill family in Antonin

A magic place you long to return to...
There are places on earth that are in gods’ good graces, places which attract celebrities and inspire artists. Antonin, situated amidst forests between Ostrów and Ostrzeszów, is one of them. It is a place often visited by admirers of music, culture, lovers of nature, longing for retreat and moments of nostalgia.
The spirit of Prince Radziwill – lover of music, culture and art
Large stretches of forest used to surround the old path. At the fork of roads, where the roads from Upper and Lower Silesia meet, Prince Antoni Radziwill, the owner of the estate decided to build his summer residence. He commissioned the celebrated German architect, Karl Friedrich Schinkel with this task. The larch hunting lodge, completed in 1824, became a place where the Prince and his family could enjoy a lively social and artistic life.
It is worth mentioning that Prince Radziwill was not only the Duke-Governor of the Grand Duchy of Posen (in the Kingdom of Prussia), but also a great lover of art, a graphic artist, a composer, and a cellist. The Duke-Governor’s residence was frequently visited by personages from the world of politics, culture and art. Antoni Radziwill itself the composer of music to Goethe’s “Faust”, enjoyed playing the role of a patron of the arts. For these, and many other reasons, he was a well-known, respected, and highly influential person.
His artistic spirit was sparked when Prince Radziwill invited to his lodge a young, but already acclaimed pianist, Frederic Chopin. The time spent at the Radziwill’s residence was quite varied: preoccupied with music, young Chopin played the piano, gave piano lessons to young Princess Wanda, talked with the host about the complexities of composing, and ..... he composed itself. The Introduction and Polonaise in C-major op. 3 for piano and cello is a piece composed in Antonin. It is also worth mentioning that the Piano Trio op. 8 in G minor was dedicated to Radziwill, who expressed his thanks for the piece in his letter to the composer.
Chopin has been a patron of the place for many years. His music fills the place throughout the year at numerous concerts given by outstanding pianists. The most widely known event organised in the Antonin lodge is the Chopin in the Autumn Colours festival. The lodge boasts a memorial room in which instruments from the artist’s period, pictures, lithographic prints, and a cast of Chopin’s hand can admired.


Karl Friedrich Schinkel: The Great Architect And His Work

Karl Friedrich Schinkel left behind an exquisite piece of work – a mansion house in a hunting mode set in a romantic style park, perfectly blending with and extending into the surrounding forest. With his work for Prince Antoni Radziwill he confirmed his reputation of the most outstanding architect of his era who designed Neue Wache (New Guard House), Cathedral, Old Museum and the National Theatre in Berlin alone. The main structure of the Hunting Lodge in Antonin is made of wood; its brick walls covered by larch arbours make the impression of a purely wooden construction. Inside, there is a great column in the Doric order which is at the same time a great fireplace chimney rising above the double hearth. In autumn and winter evenings, the cracking sound of burning wooden chips and the blazing fire create an unforgettable atmosphere. Numerous hunting trophies make up a unique collection that will not be found within many hundred kilometres.

Surrounding landscape
The lodge is surrounded by the beautiful park in the English style which encourages to promenades and admiring the plants along the stream, many wooden bridges or a lake. The coffee and ice cream on the terrace to the park side is a popular resting place for many guests. The nearby to the park artificial lake allows you to contact with the water in different forms. Antonin is beautiful in every time of the year. You can satisfy yourself!


The Hunting Lodge of Antonin is an desirable place for all wanting comfortable repose conditions, traditional climates and appreciate the high art.

Prieces valid
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2 double rooms LUX marriage-bed
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4 double rooms with extra bed
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Room prices include breakfast, with sauna utilisation possibility and VAT
Groups and regular customers get a negotiable discount.
We want to inform you that you have to check in after 2 p.m. at the day of arrival and you have to check out before twelve o'clock in the daytime of the last reservation day.
Please inform us in writing when you need an event organisation on our premises.

Around the premises you find a 12 hectar park and in the neighbourhood a nature preserve, recreation centre and a lake where you can use water, sport, angling and swimming equipment. Prices are constant all year round.

Around the premises you find a 12 hectar park and in the neighbourhood a nature preserve, recreation centre and a lake where you can use water, sport, angling and swimming equipment. Prices are constant all year round.

Welcome in the Antonin Manor Dining Room

Dear Guests

It is with great pleasure we are welcoming you in the home that was long time ago owned and used a lot by a Prince of the Polish Country.
This Prince was at that time well renowned to express snobbish combined with love manners.
No, he was not a gourmet himself. He had the habit of eating a lot of food but was not recognised as a connoisseur of food and drink as it was in habit in many small manor houses and stately residencies.
The employed French cook always abandoned him to his grief. But finally the great head chef, the old Gulcz, treated him with pleasure and non-complicated square meals made of Antonin domain products. The order of the menu was not lavish by no means. No timbales, vole-au-vents or fricassees.
Some smoked carps prepared according to the Radziwill Art. The guests pretty convinced the taste of the fish and its colour equal to salmon. The appetite gladly filled with a barbecued deer leg accompanied by a refreshing glass Blum hock wine..
The Mannor kitchen offers:
bowl of the beetroot soup with mushrooms Antonin art
(barszcz antoniński z leśnymi grzybami)


Contituuing the traditional Polish hospitality we guarantee to our guests an excellent cooking and a professional service

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